• Affordability – We save our clients millions of dollars in health benefits, retirement funding, as well as HR costs including hiring and payroll obligations.
  • Personalized Expertise – We assess your needs and evaluate your budgets BEFORE offering multiple solutions. This allows you to make the best choice for your students.
  • Your Students Will Work With the Best – Our recruiters and coordinators are completely focused on sourcing and retaining top talent. They do not carry the responsibility for other HR functions. With no duties of budgets, benefits administration, training, testing, promotions, policy creation and oversight, etc., our team focuses only on finding the best professional for the job.
  • Dependability – KES has an existing nationwide database with over 10,000 qualified special education and school-based professionals. We utilize active professionals, reactivate passive candidates, as well as retired teachers (who are usually banned from school district rehiring). We fill your needs faster by gathering referrals from our active professionals. Unexpected staffing shortages, increases in caseloads, maternity leaves, extended school year, assessment needs or costly compensatory time are no longer a problem.

Here is a full list of our services. If there is a specific job position that is not listed, but it falls under one of our key service areas (behavioral health, allied therapy, education), we may still be able to refer a professional for you. Please feel free to contact us and talk with one of our staffing specialists about your needs.

This can vary depending on the qualifications and your particular credentialing requirements. Generally, we can refer a qualified candidate with full credentialing within two weeks. If it is an area where a large candidate pool has already been established, a professional may be available within days. Kaleidoscope Education Services, Inc. (KES) is also able to incorporate your internal requirements and ensure that any additional checks are completed prior to referring any individual.

Yes! We adhere to strict credentialing and screening processes prior to final selection for assignment. This may include criminal history checks, education and reference checks, license verifications and more, depending on your requirements and any applicable state laws. All credentialing is diligently approved by our Quality Assurance team for accuracy, adherence to regulations, and completeness.

Kaleidoscope Education Solutions, Inc. (KES) is nationwide! At this time, we do not provide services internationally. We have permanent offices in two states (PA, AZ) along with strategic personnel in service areas throughout the country.

Absolutely! Simply fill out the Request Services form, or send your request to info@kesgroup.net

Typically, areas we would want to cover during our initial conversations:

  • Number of positions to be filled
  • Candidate qualifications (Degree, License, Experience Level)
  • Length of assignment and start date
  • Service location(s)
  • Credentialing requirements
  • Hourly bill rate
  • Your point of contact(s) for staffing matters

You are free to dismiss any contractor from assignment at will. If possible, we would prefer the opportunity to engage with both you and the contractor to mediate any issues before dismissal occurs. We would also like feedback for why the contractor was not a good match, so that we can improve your candidate search for a qualified replacement. There is never a cancellation fee for dismissing a contractor.