Why Therapists and Teachers Choose Us

Working with Kaleidoscope Education Solutions, Inc. (KES), you can pick your setting, determine your caseload hours and design your own schedule. KES empowers you to take control of your professional life.

Depending upon your preference, there can be flexible scheduling and the ability to work full-time, part-time or per diem. Our success is in matching therapists’ desires with current education openings and vice versa.

Educators and therapist will find we take pride in a friendly, supportive, and professional relationship. You will have a dedicated coordinator who will be on call 24/7 and can answer any of your questions that may arise.

You Can Make An Impact

  • Coach parents and teachers on their role in the child’s success
  • Participate in intervention strategies that are embedded into daily class routines
  • Build school staff expertise
  • Be part of a nationally recognized network of leaders in school-based therapy services
  • Make a profound difference in the lives of students

Choose Your Own Adventure

  • Whether your career is just beginning or you have years of experience, KES has the perfect opportunity for you. From 30 minutes a week to full-time, we have flexible opportunities nationwide — you can even work from home!
  • If we don’t have any clients currently looking for services that you can provide, just tell us what you’re looking to do. Our dedicated team of staffing specialists will search for opportunities that match your needs.

We’ve Got Your Back

  • KES’ dedicated staff will support you every day. Contracted professionals have 24/7 access to their very own staffing coordinator. Your coordinator is dedicated to keeping credentials up-to-date, ensuring that invoices are compensated in a timely manner and that you love your work.

Please Note: Kaleidoscope Education Solutions, Inc. (KES) is a referral agency. Registering with KES is not a guarantee that work opportunities will be available and/or located. All professionals contracting through KES are classified and compensated as self-employed independent contractors.