School Psychologists

School Psychologists and School Counselors are fully licensed and experienced to:

  • Administer testing, interpret results, and produce an evaluation report
  • Assess a student’s eligibility for:
    • Mental health services
    • Special education services
    • Language proficiency
  • Implement services as dictated by the circumstances of the child
  • Determine if culture, health, or economic factors may affect the results of the student’s behavior and learning
  • Make referrals for further testing if the child fails screenings
  • Fill out Medicaid paperwork
  • Attend all meetings pertaining to children and their caseload

As part of our commitment to support teachers, Kaleidoscope Education Solutions, Inc. (KES) can find school psychologists who can provide training regarding various learning and mental health topics (e.g., behavior management, referral process, ADHD, etc.).

little girl holding bear with psychologist