Kaleidoscope Education Solutions, Inc. (KES) acts as a referral service to connect you with opportunities which match your qualifications and interests. Being an independent (1099) contractor means that you are self-employed. KES is not your employer. We do not train you for positions, deduct taxes, or offer employment benefits. You are your own employer for all aspects of the referral process and it is completely your decision to accept, decline, or leave any opportunity offered to you.

Our team has years of experience working with independent contractors and can offer some great alternative options for you when it comes to setting up your own insurance, etc., but ultimately you are responsible for your own tax deductions and benefits. Kaleidoscope Education Solutions, Inc. (KES) does not provide any tax deductions such as those for Social Security, FICA, FUTA, SDI, Medicare, etc. Nor will KES provide any benefits such as healthcare insurance, tuition reimbursement, paid vacation days or paid sick leave.

For detailed information on how to file taxes as an independent contractor, please speak with a qualified tax accountant, tax attorney or the Internal Revenue Service at: www.irs.gov/Individuals/Self-Employed.

You are able to start getting referrals as soon as your application and credentialing processes are completed. Availability of specific assignments changes on a daily basis.
Send us your resume!  Upload your resume through our website contact form. Your information will be sent to one of our staffing coordinators to connect with you when your skills match our needs.

It’s possible, though we don’t offer any guarantees. If a client loves a contractor Kaleidoscope Education Solutions, Inc. (KES) has referred, they have the option to buy-out the professional’s contract from KES. Or they can opt until the professional has worked the required amount of hours with KES before offering the contractor a full-time position. Keep in mind that we have no obligation to ensure that you are hired after a temporary assignment. When accepting an opportunity, understand that there are many factors that determine whether it will become permanent. Keep in mind a client’s budget and need, as well as your performance and availability can affect a client’s decision.

Independent contractors are compensated weekly. Before accepting a referred assignment, an hourly rate is established. You will be paid at that rate multiplied by the number of hours worked. Overtime is not permitted, unless clearly specified at the time of assignment. The timely submission of your weekly invoices (signed and approved by the client) is necessary to ensure you are compensated on time.

No. Kaleidoscope Education Solutions, Inc. (KES) will never charge you for an assignment referral. However, it is possible to incur costs related to items needed to provide services such as:

  • Licenses and Certifications related to your work (new or renewal)
  • Medical Clearances (e.g. physicals, vaccinations, TB testing, etc.)
  • Some background clearances, depending on your state and the contractual requirements
  • Transportation to/from assignments
  • Work clothes or uniforms
  • Meals
  • Professional Liability Coverage (typically for healthcare professionals)

Unless otherwise specified, those costs are your responsibility as an independent contractor.

The types of credentialing vary by state, client and requirements specific to your field. They may include (but are not limited to):

  • Criminal History Check (Local and State)
  • FBI Fingerprinting
  • Sexual Offender Registry Check
  • Child Abuse Check
  • Federal Exclusions Checks
  • Education Verification
  • License/Certification Verification
  • Reference Checks
  • Verification of Medical Clearances
  • DMV Checks
  • Drug Testing

Every client has their own stipulations about the degrees of acceptability for background screening. If you have a criminal history, you may or may not be selected depending on the offense, when it occurred and whether it is still an active case. This is determined by the client, not by KES. We merely adhere to the credentialing standards the client sets for each opportunity.

Sure! Some professionals manage one assignment on the weekdays and another on the weekends. Some balance them both during the week, depending on the hours. Please remember to factor in commute times to both locations and ensure that there are not overlapping shifts before accepting multiple opportunities.

Kaleidoscope Education Solutions, Inc. knows that not every assignment is going to be a perfect match. As an Independent Contractor, you are not obligated to stay in any assignment that is not right for you. As a professional courtesy, we ask that you contact us right away if you are ready to leave an assignment. We would be happy to try and resolve any issues, or have sufficient time to prepare a replacement.

Certain professionals are a part of mailing lists provided by their state boards (e.g. State Social Work Board, etc.) or you may have had your resume posted online (Indeed, CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter, Monster, etc.). Alternately, you may have registered with us on our website at some point in the past.

As an independent contractor, you are free to accept opportunities with other firms. If you want to be listed with several different agencies, it is your right to do so and select the assignments that suit you best. However, please alert both companies so that you are not being presented for the same opportunities at the same time.

If you are moving, please contact your staffing coordinator right away. If the move is out-of-state, we may be able to find you an assignment in your new location that meets your needs. If the move is within a reasonable commute, you may be able to stay on assignment or shifted to a facility that is closer to you. There is no guarantee of this, so please give your coordinator ample notice of this change so that they can try to assist you. Also, please provide the new address to ensure that your compensation checks are sent to the correct location.
No. As an Independent Contractor, you have the freedom to accept or decline any assignment. However, in order for us to find the best fit for you, let our staffing coordinators know exactly what type of assignments will work for you and which won’t (including commute times, experience level, facility type, full or part-time, work-life balance issues, ongoing college courses, public transportation, etc.). Once our staffing team has a clear picture of what you want, they can make sure you are only offered opportunities that make sense for you and your lifestyle.

Assignments vary. Some are on-going 40 hour/week assignments, others are per diem. It is up to the client to determine how long the assignment actually lasts. If the need or the budget changes, they may want to lengthen or shorten the assignment, or even opt to hire you permanently. If your performance is not up to their standard, they may dismiss you from the assignment.

Once you are aware that your assignment is ending, please contact your designated coordinator to ensure that the proper protocols are in place. You may have keys or materials to return to the client, or notes to finalize before leaving. Please do not assume you know what to do, as each assignment and client may have different procedures to follow. Also, there may be new opportunities in your area perfect for your needs, so contacting us right away may eliminate any employment gaps.
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Protecting personal data for our clients and referred professionals is our top priority. We utilize a high level of secure technology and encryption to ensure that your personal information is kept safe. Furthermore, our internal employees have strict mandates on the handling, dissemination and deletion of personal information (both digital and physical).
Any candidate seeking an assignment referral should be able to work in the United States legally without restriction. This typically covers US Citizens and Permanent residents (aka “Green Card holders”). Kaleidoscope Education Solutions, Inc. will not refer any candidate who requires visa sponsorship in order to work or has a non-immigrant visa (e.g. tourist visa, student visa). If you are unsure of your work status, please contact your local Social Security Administration office, or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for clarification.