At A Glance

There is a child behind everything we do.

Our passion is providing every student entrusted to us the absolute best in therapy and education professionals so that they can become confident communicators, skilled learners, and be ready to take on their world with a smile.

Kaleidoscope Education Solutions, Inc. (KES) is focused on providing our school clients with credentialed professionals. We believe each student should be matched with professionals who can help them achieve success and improve the quality of their lives. Referred therapists and education professionals will collaborate with the student’s family, teachers, and school administrators. We provide support throughout the entire cycle to ensure optimal results and a positive experience for the school district and, most importantly, for the children.

KES is Always Primed For Success

  • KES is there with solutions before unexpected issues may become problems:
    • Unexpected Staffing Shortages
    • Increased Caseloads
    • Maternity Leave
    • Extended School Year (ESY)
    • Assessment Needs
    • Compensatory Time

The Kaleidoscope Advantage

  • Choose Wisely—Choose KES. We expertly assess your current special education needs and evaluate your budgets before offering multiple solutions so that you can make the best choice for your students. We save our school clients millions of dollars in health benefits, retirement funding, and HR costs including hiring and payroll obligations.
  • Your Children Will Work With the Best. At KES, we guarantee that all client requirements are met though the extensive credentialing process that all contractors must undergo prior to providing any services.
  • Around the Clock Support. KES is there for you 24/7 with live support! Our staffing coordinators regularly communicate with every contractor and client to guarantee your desired results. You can be secure knowing that KES is always available when you need us.
  • Kaleidoscope Has It Under Control. Unexpected staffing shortages, increase in caseloads, maternity leaves, ESY, assessment needs, or costly compensatory time? Kaleidoscope is there with solutions before issues become problems.
KES’s recruiting team maintains a database of hundreds of experienced and/or credentialed therapists and special education teachers. We conduct a meticulous screening process to ensure that only credentialed candidates are matched with each opportunity. An interview is then scheduled with the client and any requisite testing and/or assessments are completed. KES fills your current openings, and also prepares a backup pool of candidates to mitigate any coverage gaps and handle last minute call-outs.
Our Quality Assurance Team collects and provides credentials to ensure that every candidate referred has the licenses, experience and/or certifications they present. Their degrees, certifications, licensure, references, criminal history, and any health clearances are verified and provided to the client prior to the start of services.

Our On-Call Team, staffed by qualified coordinators, not recorded messages, is able to field any questions that a client may have. At KES, we encourage communication that is open, clear, consistent and timely. We aim to provide solutions when it’s needed, not just when it is most convenient.

KES takes the management of our resources and those of our clients very seriously. We minimize our internal overhead costs related to school-based staffing in order to provide the best possible value to our clients. We balance this with providing fair compensation for special education teachers and therapists.

Our candidates have experience participating in a cohesive team and executing their responsibilities in an ever-evolving environment. KES-referred therapists have prior experience in conducting assessments in educational settings. They understand the basis of the teacher interview and identifying students for further assessment. They are familiar with the components of pediatric screenings and the documentation resulting from such, identifying information, screening results and recommendations, re-screening recommendations, assessment or referral.

The therapy and teaching professionals KES refers form lasting relationships with clients, students, parents, and related professionals. Each student is properly cared for, and progress is carefully monitored and charted. Our professionals meet regularly with school administrators, teachers, parents/guardians, health providers, counselors, and social workers to discuss the child’s performance and development.

KES provides 24 / 7 support to our school clients and professionals. Our staffing coordinators communicate with every contractor and client to guarantee satisfaction and superior results. You can be secure in knowing that KES is always available when you need us.