The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises schools to have an appropriate plan of action during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online learning (also referred to as “telepractice”, “telemedicine” or “virtual learning”) is considered a powerful. It’s  an effective tool for minimizing the spread of this illness while making certain students receive the quality related services they need and deserve.

boy at desktop computerFor K-12 school districts, charter schools and alternative schools, the task of preparing for the move from in-person learning to virtual learning can seem overwhelming. Experienced in transitioning schools for many years, Kaleidoscope Education Solutions can help you through the process seamlessly. Schools must find a way to follow the CDC’s recommendation. Whether we need to provide related services, special education and general education for two months or a full school year – we can help.

Kaleidoscope Online Learning is an easy-to-use, interactive web-based platform providing real-time engagement with students. Our platform gives therapist-student sharing capabilities, whiteboard, application sharing, and secured internet work sets, as well as completely HIPAA and FERPA-compliant.

“KES will take you through the process and stay with you end to end.”

Kaleidoscope Education Solutions is a nationwide provider since 1989 of both in-person therapy and online telepractice therapy since 2006. We offer our telepractice expertise and services to interested school districts, charter schools and any K-12 education institution.

young girl with headphones“The concept of our online learning model/telepractice is new to many brick-and-mortar schools,” said David Rubinstein, Managing Director of Kaleidoscope. “We are experts in this field and have the technology and talent to make it easier on schools as they prepare for this transition.”

Online learning/teletherapy is interactive. We have an exceptional virtual learning platform that allows us to provide an extraordinary level of student-therapist engagement through “live” instruction. It’s rewarding to have created the ability to provide a easy-to-use and a less expensive education solution in this challenging time.”

Research has shown that, from a clinical perspective, outcomes match those of traditional face-to-face learning. Contact us today at: 888.829.2477 or reach out to us with the form below.