Contractor’s Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to start receiving electronic compensation?

It is recommended that you complete your Authorization for ACH Electronic Compensation (EPAY) form as soon as possible or prior to your contract start. E-Pay could begin as soon as one week later, but could take up to two billing cycles to process your authorization form.

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When do I receive my paper check?

Paper checks are mailed Friday for the prior week billing cycle. Assuming your invoice is completed to include all important or required information, are signed off on by you and your client, and are submitted within the weekly billing cycle cut off time (Monday by noon), they will be mailed out on the following Friday. Delivery time is subject to United States Postal Service’s normal delivery times and could take up to ten days.

When do I receive my compensation through the electronic system of payment?

Funds are released to our bank on Friday for the prior week’s billing cycle. Compensation funds are sent to the bank on Fridays, but depending on your particular bank, it may not show up as available funds until Monday or Tuesday by noon. Be sure to check your junk/spam folder and mark the compensation email as “not spam/junk” to ensure receipt of your email verification.

When is compensation available?

Usually 8 or 9 days after the billing cycle ends depending on U.S. mail or bank processing. Payment can be received via paper checks or ACH electronic compensation (Epay) directly to your bank account. Epay is the recommended method.

What is a billing cycle?

A billing cycle begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. For timely processing, contractor invoices should be submitted by Monday, no later than noon, following the billing cycle.

What information is important on my invoice?

Contractor invoices should be legible and contain ALL of the necessary information (as discussed with company representative). Typically, this will include: name of contractor, dates, times, location of services, and designated client acceptance signatures.

When should I submit my invoice?

To avoid delays in compensation, invoices should be submitted no later than noon on the Monday following the service week. If possible, it is recommended that invoices be faxed in immediately after the last day services are completed for the week.

If I submitted my invoice late how long does it take to be processed?

Invoices received later than Monday at noon, may be processed under the following week’s billing cycle. Therefore, compensation will be issued a week later than if the invoice was received during the regular billing cycle. Submit contractor invoices Monday before noon for timely processing.

If a client offers me a contract shift that had not been previously scheduled, am I able to accept this directly?

Yes. That is your decision under our contract. You should also notify your company representative so your records can be updated.

Who do I contact with issues?

You should first try to resolve any issue through your normal point of contact. Issues, complaints or concerns that cannot be resolved can be escalated to our Remedy Team at 888.704.8758.

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